Indonesia AQUA-Danone Nation Cups (AQUA-DNC) 2010 was officially inaugurated by Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs, Football Association of Indonesia and Danone AQUA in Jakarta on April 29th 2010. Opening of AQUA-DNC Indonesia 2010 straightly hitch 12 towns all around Indonesia simultaneously, which are Banda Aceh, Medan, Padang, Jakarta, Banten, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Banjarmasin and Papua.

AQUA-DNC is the biggest football festival in the world for 10-12 years old kids. More than that, this event has been admitted as football World Cup for kids. This year, 3 million kids from 40 countries have been assumed to participate in DNC.

This is one of Danone AQUA's call to action for its commitment to create healthy Indonesian society, which not only by their products, but also with some activities like DNC. AQUA-DNC program has started by Danone Group 10 years ago to promote healthy lifestyle by sport and also imparts universal values for youth generation in their early age, such as the spirit of openness, enjoyment, participation, sportivity and friendship.

By AQUA – DNC, AQUA has makes serious effort in helping kids to fulfill their dreams and share their cheers in an international festival, integrate child's interest for good intention, and also present a variety of cultures and countries in the world.

Every year, participants of AQUA-DNC keeps increasing. In 2008, there was 1.194 teams listed with 16.716 players. In 2009, participants increased to 1.769 teams with 25.000 players. And this year, they have targeted about 2.500 teams with the total of 30.000 players will participate in this event.

This program fully supported by Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs and Football Association of Indonesia.

AQUA-DNC 2010 registration will be closed by the middle of May 2010 and will shortly continue by qualification and final round in 12 regions with this schedule below:

22-23 Mei 2010 : Banda Aceh & Yogyakarta
29-30 Mei 2010 : Banjarmasin & Padang
5-6 Juni 2010 : Makassar & Semarang
8-9 Juni 2010 : Papua
12-13 Juni 2010 : Medan & Bandung
19-20 Juni 2010 : Banten, Jakarta & Surabaya

The winners in qualification rounds from 12 regions will be proceed to National Final round which will be held in Jakarta on July 31st until August 1st 2010. The winner of the National Final round will represent Indonesia to World Final DNC event 2010 on September 29th – October 3rd in South Africa where all other national team from 40 countries will compete to win DNC world champion title.

Manifestation of dreams is not only happening in football field. Continuing the success of previous DNC Kid Reporter, Danone AQUA will also held the search of talented kid reporter for AQUA-DNC 2010 this year. Audition will be held in Medan, Semarang, Makassar, Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya from May 29th until 29th June 2010. The winner of DNC Kid Reporter 2010 will get the chance to be a reporter to report World Final DNC 2010 in South Africa along with winner team from Indonesia and not only that, DNC Kid Reporter 2010 will also get the chance to interview Zinedine Zidane.